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Powder-Liquid Bone Cement containing Gentamicin

DOUJET L&F Types consists of powder and liquid to be bone cement based on radiopaque polymethyl methacrylate and to contain aminoglycoside antibiotic gentamicin.At polymerization after mixing, you can fasten not only implant but also artificial hip joint as well as artificial knee joint for skeletal reinforcement of orthopedics.

DOUJET Pre-packed, closed system

Vacuum Powder cartridge, Liquid ampoule, Vacuum tube, Liquid funnel, injection nozzle

  • Simplest vacuum mixing system
  • Clear mixing system
  • Perfect closed mixing system
  • No cement lose
  • Less infection – No air exposure during mixing
  • Economical all-in-one system

Closed mixing system

  • step 1Pour liquid

  • step 2Vacuum

  • step 3Mixing

  • step 4Injection

Setting time

  • DOUJET L series

  • DOUJET F series

“Antibiotic bone cement” DOUJET is medical device, please read the user’s manual and methods before use. KMDIA NO. 2017-I10-34-2290