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  • 2019

    12Registration Korea Venture member (No.20190115421)

    05US PATENT Registration (No.10,292,749, PCT/KR2015/005351
    China PATENT Registration (No.3378633, PCT/KR2015/005351)

  • 2018

    12EU PATENT Registration (No.2497504, PCT/KR2010/007774)

    07US PATENT Registration (No.10,016,526, PCT/KR2010/007774)

    05INNOBIZ (No.R150605-00727)

    03Acquisition of ISO 13485:2016 (No.MD 679398)

  • 2017

    10Design Registration (No.30-0927846)

  • 2015

    08Korea PATENT Registration (No.10-1544922)
    “Cartridge for mixing and injecting bone cement …”

    05PCT (PCT/KR2015/005351)
    “Cartridge for mixing and injecting bone cement …”

  • 2014

    08China PATENT Registration (No.1463439, PCT/KR2010/007774)

  • 2012

    05“SPINOFILL” Trademark Registration (No.40-0919506)

  • 2011

    04Korea PATENT Registration (No.10-103186)
    “Doughy powder-paste polymer bone cement and techniques”


    02KFDA (No.3388)

  • 2010

    12“DOUJET” Trademark Registration (No.40-0846597)

    05Establishment of In-house laboratory approved (No.2010111481)

    01PCT (PCT/KR2010/007774)
    “Paste-Powder dual polymer-based bone cement and injection apparatus for same”

  • 2009

    05INJECTA INC. was founded