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Doughy Paste-Powder Bone Cement containing Gentamicin

DOUJET consists of paste and powder to be bone cement based on radiopaque polymethyl methacrylate and to contain aminoglycoside antibiotic gentamicin.At blending of both ingredients of paste and powder, the mixture can reach dough time quickly by initial paste viscosity to do operation without additional waiting time.At polymerization after mixing, You can fasten not only implant but also artificial hip joint as well as artificial knee joint for skeletal reinforcement of orthopedics.

The first non-liquid acrylic bone cement

Powder-Liquid system

Powder-Paste system

  • Viscous paste lead instant dough viscosity allowing a surgical working condition
  • Early reached dough condition introduces stable and longer working time
  • Lower thermal sensitivity than liquid system

Easy paste syringe system

Limit MMA evaporation
No need to break ampoule

DOUJET Pre-packed, closed system

Vacuum Powder cartridge, Paste Injector, Vacuum set, Injection nozzle

  • Simplest vacuum mixing system
  • Limit MMA exposure during preparing
  • Clear mixing system
  • Closed mixing system
  • No cement lose
  • Less infection – No air exposure during mixing
  • Economical all-in-one system

Closed mixing system

  • step 1Paste Injection

  • step 2Vacuum

  • step 3Mixing

  • step 4Injection

Who do we need a closed system?

OSHA(Occupational Safety & Health Administration) Hospital Investigations

  • Health Hazards “Mixing of MMA should be done in a closed system.”

Human exposure to MMA

  • Acute upper respiratory tract irritant
  • Potent skin sensitizer
  • Ocular irritant


INJECTA INC. In-house laboratory test results, ASTM F451

  • High Bending Properties

  • Medium Compressive strength

  • Stable Antibiotic Release

“Antibiotic bone cement” DOUJET is medical device, please read the user’s manual and methods before use. KMDIA NO. 2017-I10-34-2289